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Music Ensembles Program


2020 is anticipated to be another exciting year at Cammeraygal High with the Ensembles Program continuing to grow and flourish. This year students will have even more performance opportunities and access to new ensembles, giving them the chance to explore different genres and instrument structures.

  1. Concert Band (7-12) - Open for students who play brass, woodwind and/or percussion instrument. This will be facilitated by Jennifer Power, an accomplished conductor and performer. 
  2. Combined Percussion Ensemble - open for students who play any percussion instrument, or who are interested in playing. This ensemble will be run by Rob Oetomo, a world renowned percussionist, composer and performer. 
  3. Junior (7-9) Vocal Ensemble – Students do not need to be able to read music but must love singing and be happy to sing lots of styles of music. These ensembles will be facilitated by our new Music teacher, Ann Boyle. 
  4.  Senior (10-12) Vocal Ensemble Vocal Ensemble –Everyone is welcome. No prior musical training is required to create a professional sound with the Combined Vocal Ensemble, however, commitment to the rehearsal schedule is essential.  This ensembles will be facilitated by our new Music teacher, Ann Boyle. 
  5. Jazz Band– This group will focus on improvisation and small ensemble skills, and will be facilitated by our new Music teacher, James Raxworthy. 
  6. Guitar Ensemble (7-12) – This is open to beginning students who are interested in playing guitar as well as more advanced students who are exploring further techniques. This ensemble will be facilitated by Michael Brady.

Rehearsal times and fees for these ensembles are as follows:

  1. Concert Band:  Friday morning 7:30- 8:30am Pacific Hwy Campus /$250
  2. Combined Percussion Ensemble:
     Friday morning 7:30- 8:30am Pacific Hwy /  $350
  3. Junior Vocal Ensemble:  
    Tuesday afternoon 3:00- 4:00pm Pacific Hwy/  $150
  4. Senior Vocal Ensemble: Senior
    Monday afternoon 3:00- 4:00pm West st/  $150
  5. Jazz Band:  
    Thursday morning 7:30-8:30am Pacific Hwy /  $150
  6. Guitar Ensemble:  
    Thursday afternoon 3:30-4:30pm Pacific Hwy /  $350

Please Note:

Trở nên dễ thươngStudents will need to pay individually for each ensemble. These ensembles are run on a pay-to-participate basis, and payment of these fees is necessary for a student's participation. The cost of each ensemble covers sheet music purchases and copyright licences as well as access to rehearsal and performance equipment, and other costs associated with the running of an ensemble. Pricing for the ensembles has varied since 2019 due to the change in facilitators.

Students may join an ensemble on either campus, however they will need to travel to their timetabled campus in time for Roll Call if participating in a morning ensemble or promptly after Period 5 if in an afternoon ensemble. Please note that students will make their own way to and from either campus without teacher supervision. 

Trở nên dễ thươngParticipation in the Ensembles Program is a wonderful opportunity that will be extremely beneficial for students, not only for their development as musicians, but as leaders and representatives of Cammeraygal High School.